The development of a new range of electrical vehicles has been co-financed by the European Union as part of the “Operational Programme ERDF-ESF 2014-2020”.

About the company

Goupil is a company based in the South West of France created in 1996. Leader of electric utility vehicles, Goupil designs and manufactures tailored made solutions for local authorities, industrial sites, resorts and last mile delivery companies. Part of Polaris Group since 2011, Goupil vehicles (G2, G4 and G6) are distributed in 35 countries.
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Thanks to their sturdyness and ergonomy the 100% electric utility vehicles GOUPIL have established themselves on most big industrial sites as intra site reference vehicles (car industry, petrochemical sites, metallurgy, aeronautics…..).

The benefits of Goupil for industries

Clean and safe

The G2 and G4 vehicles can advantageously replace golf buggies or small utility petrol or diesel vehicles for the transport of your staff. The ultra compact size and absence of noise or exhaust emissions allows access to buildings and the possibility to intervene right next to your production chain.


The equipped or standard box van version applies more particularly to technical teams (for example: electricans, air conditioning maintenance…) The tipper version with tie down rings is ideal for carrying heavy loads (payload up to 1,230 kg).

For more specific and demanding tasks, Goupil vehicles can be equipped with cranes for maximum security handling, with a tail lift for transport of rolls or with an aerial lift basket for working at height. All these equipments are 100% electricly operated.

Cost effective

The choice of an electric utility vehicle captive fleet will save you from having to manage fuel cards, expensive maintenance costs related to sparsely used combustion engines (injector, diesel particulate filters, clutch) and will highly reduce the risk of the use of vehicles off-site.

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